At Re:Gen Pilates, we’ve written most of our blogs to people who haven’t yet dived deep into the world of Pilates. There are so many people, after all, who haven’t tried it, people who could improve their lives and health with all its amazing benefits. But newcomers aren’t the only people that visit our Pilates fitness studio or read our blog — we also have many students who have been doing Pilates for years, and if you’re one of them, you might want to consider stepping up to the next level of becoming an instructor.

There are many reasons why it’s amazing to be a Pilates instructor. You can take it from us — As professional Pilates teachers ourselves, we’ve experienced all kinds of amazing benefits. Have you been considering taking our Pilates Instructor Training Courses? If you’re on the fence about it, consider these great perks that come from being a fitness instructor!

You Get Paid For Doing What You Love

If there is one major perk to consider above all the others, it’s probably this one. Who doesn’t want to make a living doing what they love? Tragically, there are far too many Americans who aspire to this goal, only to never end up making it a reality, until they’ve all but given up hope that it could happen.

There’s no need to surrender yourself to a day job you hate — if you’re a Pilates aficionado, you’ll love teaching students how to improve their form and build positive habits while also doing it yourself every single day. Who wouldn’t want to get paid to do something they’d already be doing anyway?

It Ensures Long-Term Health

Staying fit requires commitment — as long as you’re continually staying active and making sure your diet doesn’t deteriorate, it’s pretty easy to maintain good health. But we’ve seen it before, and we’ve even experienced it ourselves — it can be easy for something to disrupt your fitness routine, even if you’re a master who’s been consistent for years.

Unexpected life events, tragedies, vacations, and more can all have a sudden impact on your life, and fitness is often the first habit that gets kicked. By becoming a Pilates instructor, however, engaging in workouts is literally part of your job, so no matter what obstacles life throws at you, you’ll have a guarantee that you’ll never stop working that body.

You’ll Form Rewarding Relationships

One of the absolute best parts of being a Pilates instructor is the students that you’ll end up meeting. While many of our students don’t stick around long enough to be “regulars” at our classes, there will always be a significant chunk of them who do, and you’ll end up forming positive relationships with them.

As their instructor, it’s your job to empower and inspire them, and to help them with their personal struggles in the Pilates process. The satisfaction of helping them overcome these hurdles is indescribable at times — especially when you see in the long-term how Pilates ends up having a profound impact on their happiness.

It’s not Pilates itself that is life-changing, it’s the act of getting fit, engaging in regular exercise, and feeling the liberating effects of a transformed body. Pilates, along with our other classes (such as Barre, Spin, and Yoga), is simply a vehicle to make that happen. In the course of your tenure as a Pilates instructor, you’ll no doubt see this process happen in your students, and we can testify that it’s an amazing feeling like no other.

Prosper Pilates Instructor Training

Are you feeling the urge to become a Pilates instructor? We’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is that you can’t just become a Pilates instructor out of nowhere simply because you like to work out — a Pilates instructor must be trained and certified through official channels.

The good news is that Re:Gen Pilates is qualified to carry out Pilates Instructor Training, and you can sign up today! Our training process is extensive. We invite you to read more on our Instructor Training page, and, of course, to contact us if you have any questions!