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What are you to choose? Do you want to go with an intense weight workout? If you do, would you rather focus on making your muscles bigger, or aiming for lean strength? Maybe you’d rather do cardio — but what then? Do you go swimming? Choose a treadmill? Or do you go with something that builds your body flexibility, like yoga?Whether you’re a newcomer to fitness or an experienced veteran, there’s one thing that’s always the same for everyone — you’re absolutely bombarded by a variety of different workout options.

The point is, when you choose a workout, you’re usually opening some doors and closing others. It’s almost impossible to find a well-balanced workout that provides the benefits of strength and cardio workouts together, without some kind of drawback.

That’s where Lagree Fitness comes in. The Lagree Fitness Method, more than any other workout, truly embodies “the best of both worlds” by combining high-intensity cardio with low-impact exercises, creating a workout that challenges the body in all the right ways.

When it comes to working out, exercises generally focus on either strength training or cardio. For decades, it was standard practice to keep these separated, but in recent years, more and more workouts have sought to combine them. But, if you’re unfamiliar with workout vernacular, this may not mean much to you. Let’s look at the reasons why it’s such a boon to have a high-intensity, low-impact workout.

What Does High-Intensity Mean?

In a nutshell, high-intensity workouts are, well, intense. These are workouts that truly exert your body, leaving you huffing and panting by the time it’s over. High-intensity workouts are over quickly, adopting the philosophy that it’s better to work extremely hard for a brief period instead of stretching out your energy over a long period of time.

An easy example of low- and high-intensity workouts would be power walking and sprinting. With the former, you might take an hour, maybe even two, to give yourself a brisk, steady workout. When one sprints, however, it’s usually over in less than twenty minutes because your body can only push itself to its limits for so long.

The Problems Of Low-Intensity Workouts

While low-intensity workouts are preferable to not working out at all, they’re generally not as effective or efficient. While it is possible to burn the same amount of calories, you can expect to take much longer doing it — a difficult prospect for many working adults who struggle to find time for fitness. And even if you hit the same amount of calorie burn, you will not have engaged your muscles in the same way as a high-intensity workout, leaving less room for growth and improvement.

What Does Low-Impact Mean?

Low-impact exercises are movements that work your body without putting strain on it. More specifically, they’re usually defined as workouts where you’re keeping at least one foot on the ground. High-impact exercises, on the other hand, generally get both feet off the ground with intense movements.

Running, jumping, burpees, and lunges are all examples of high-impact workouts. When you do these movements, you’re lifting your body off the ground and landing down. It’s not hard to see why these exercises are often included in high-intensity routines — they’re absolutely exhausting!

Low-impact workouts work your body without the constant up-and-down of jumping and landing. Think the elliptical vs. the treadmill — one has you moving your body fluidly, while the other simulates running, a constant lifting-and-landing motion.

The Problems Of High-Impact Workouts

While high-impact workouts are undeniably the most physically demanding, they also have their own problems, the biggest of which being the stress on your body and joints. Weak joints, ligaments, and tendons are only made worse by constant high-impact, and if you’re overweight or obese, these exercises become exponentially more taxing to your body.

To a highly fit individual, there is a time and place for high-impact exercises, but if you’re trying to get into shape, there are better ways — your body doesn’t need all that gravity acting upon it!

How Lagree Combines High-Intensity With Low-Impact

When people think of high-intensity exercises, they’re usually accompanied by high-impact movements. But this doesn’t need to be the case, and Lagree Method has found a way to seamlessly blend high-intensity and low-impact together. This is made possible by the Megaformer, an incredible workout machine that can accommodate pretty much every single movement your body is capable of doing.

The Megaformer has been called the “ultimate workout machine” because it provides everything that a good workout needs — cardio exercises, strength training, fast transitions, adjustable resistance settings, and an endless amount of variations in how it can be used. It’s also entirely low-impact, meaning that any person can benefit from the Megaformer, whether they’re young, old, fit, or hoping to drop some pounds.

This is a machine that adapts to your personal needs with its incredible flexibility. You can assume almost any position on the Megaformer, whether you’re standing, lying down, or sitting on your knees. The variety of handholds allows you to shift your weight in many unique positions, and a sliding platform in the middle provides endless movement options which can test your muscular endurance.

  • A Full Body Workout: As we learn more and more about fitness, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that full-body workouts are the best way to improve your health and physique. The Megaformer targets your entire body, allowing you to challenge every single muscle group. But unlike many traditional strength training workouts, the Megaformer is constantly challenging your core and stabilizer muscles. This will make your entire body stronger and allow for better technique in all of your movements in the long-term.
  • It Works For All Body Types: The Megaformer has a tremendous amount of customization, allowing you to tailor it specifically to any body type. If you’re a chiseled machine, don’t get comfy — there’s more than enough resistance in the Magaformer’s strongest springs to challenge you. But if you’re a fitness rookie, overweight, or building strength, the springs and tension can be adjusted to meet your ideal levels of resistance. At Re:Gen, our fitness instructors can help you determine the perfect resistance settings for your age and body type.
  • It Works For All Ages: Many people who are moving into old age feel like they’re no longer equipped to do the same high-energy workouts that young people are doing. But the Megaformer discriminates against no one. Because the workouts are low-impact, just about anyone can get good use out of the machine. If there’s a particular exercise your class is doing that you’re not physically able to do, no worries — the Megaformer provides so many options that we’ll easily find an alternative movement that fits your age and fitness level.
  • A Balanced Workout: The Megaformer targets every aspect of exercise, never prioritizing one over the other. Cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, and flexibility are all included in the Lagree classes we teach in our Prosper fitness studio. When you do one type of workout, you often have to “balance it out” the next day with the opposite — strength training, for example, is usually followed up by a day of cardio. But with every Lagree class, you’ll walk out of the fitness center knowing that your workout was comprehensive and complete.
  • An Emphasis On Form: Finally, when you work out with the Lagree Method, you’ll find that there is a strong emphasis on maintaining proper form and improving your bodily control. Unfortunately, even fitness veterans can unknowingly practice bad form, and it often leads to muscle gains that they weren’t actually aiming for. Slight variations from the ideal movements in any given workout can lead to subpar results, but the Megaformer, combined with our fitness instructors at Lagree, will ensure that every exercise is done right.

To understand how the Megaformer provides so many different options for your workout, it’s important to know its main components and how they work together with each other. Here are the parts that make up the Megaformer.

Two Stable Platforms

The Megaformer has a stable platform on each end. With a fixed spot on either end of the device, it provides a solid foundation which you can use to facilitate a variety of poses. With many workouts, you’ll use just one platform, while others may have you stretched from end to end. As you can see, these platforms are highly customizable and allow for different options based on their shape and grip positions (or lack thereof).

The Moving Carriage

The moving carriage in the middle of the Megaformer shift back and forth between the two fixed platforms on each end. You can allow this platform to move freely, or you can attach resistance to it. Using the platform without resistance provides many ways to test your stabilizer muscles and improve your core, while adding resistance opens up a lot of options to work your quadriceps, calves, and shoulders, depending on how you’re pushing or pulling.


Did you know that when you do pushups, your pecs will develop in entirely different areas depending on where your hands are positioned on the floor? Well, this same principle applies across all kinds of different workouts — small variations in where your hands and feet are positioned will determine which muscles are being engaged. That’s why the Megaformer is highly customizable with its handlebars — while it may seem like a trivial detail, it makes a huge difference in which workouts you’re able to do on the machine.

While Re:Gen is known for its Pilates and yoga classes, we also have classes which focus on the Lagree method. If you’ve been looking for a workout that tires you out without being hard on your body, you couldn’t find a better class to attend.

At our Lagree classes, our expert fitness instructors will help every student to do intense, but achievable workouts on Megaformer machines. This new breed of workout will test you in new ways, but we can assure that it will never be more than you can handle — that’s one of the beauties of the Lagree Method!

We know how to customize every workout so that it’s tailored to your exact needs, and there’s nothing we like more than seeing the smiles on our clients’ faces as they walk out of our fitness studio, satisfied with a workout that’s unlike anything they’ve done before. Are you ready to try out the Lagree Method? We offer a free two-day trial which will allow you to find out if it’s right for you. Ready to sign up? Fill out the form below, and be sure to contact us today if you have any questions!