When it comes to workout garb, you have a lot of options. However, unlike your day-to-day clothing, your exercise outfit not only needs to be fashionable, it needs to be functional. One question we often get from new clients is “what should I wear?” It’s a good question, and one we’re going to answer in this blog post.

Wearing the right outfit can greatly enhance your Pilates experience, just like wearing the wrong one can detract from it. You don’t want a wardrobe malfunction, so if it’s your first time going to a Pilates class, make sure to follow these tips!

Wear Form-Fitting Clothes

The first thing that you should know for your Pilates getup is that it’s ideal to wear something that has a tighter fit. There are a few reasons for this. Tighter clothing is ironically less restrictive than a lot of looser clothes. Here are some reasons why it’s preferable to wear a form-fitting outfit:

Your instructor can see your movements better: This is very important because it’s going to allow you to grow and improve! It’s very helpful for your instructor to be able to see exactly what you’re doing. Pilates is all about form, and if your arms or legs are off by even a few degrees, you might get a lot less mileage out of a Pilates pose. Loose clothing with a lot of drapery can make it harder for your instructor to constructively critique your form.

Loose clothing might expose you in certain poses: Loose clothing can be a boon if you’re doing something relatively simple like jogging, but Pilates will put you through several complex poses, sometimes ones that will invert your torso or lift your legs. In these situations, loose clothing can ride up or fall down. Unless you want to give a show to your fellow students, it’s best to wear clothes that will stay firmly in place.

Lose the Shoes

While we encourage you to wear shoes on the way to our Pilates studio in Prosper, they won’t find their way into your workout. Pilates is generally done without shoes, so don’t stress out over which ones to wear. They will be inconsequential. The more important choice you have to make is which socks to wear if you’re going to wear any at all!

Avoid Adornments

We recommend wearing clothing that doesn’t have any extra bells or whistles. You basically want a form-fitting outfit that’s stretchy and free of any other kind of clutter. Zippers, buckles, buttons, ties, and so on are no good.

One danger is that these components have the potential to damage certain Pilates equipment. That’s the last thing that either of us want, so do yourself a favor and don’t wear any clothes that have little pieces that could get caught or stuck on things.

The other reason for this is your own personal comfort — anything extra on an outfit could be a severe annoyance during your workout. While you don’t give much thought to your zipper on a daily basis, you’ll definitely notice it when you’re laying on your front side and it’s digging into your abdomen.

Leave Your Accessories At Home

Similar to the last point, you can pass on bringing accessories and jewelry. These pose the same problems as adornments and a few others. They can dig into you in certain poses, but they can also get caught on equipment, causing distraction, improper form, or even danger depending on the context of the situation. If you bring accessories to class, we’ll kindly ask you to leave them with the rest of your stuff while we do Pilates.

Easy on the Makeup

We know you want to look gorgeous everywhere you go, but makeup is better suited for activities that are, well, not Pilates. It’s not uncommon to find yourself facedown in Pilates workouts, and if you’re wearing enough makeup, it can imprint itself onto whatever surface you’re on. Best to just avoid it!

Wear Something Comfortable

Finally, we encourage you to find an outfit that is comfortable for you when all is said and done. Pilates is a workout that’s meant to invigorate your body and mind, and the last thing you want is to constantly feel uncomfortable due to your wardrobe choice. A proper Pilates workout needs full attention, and if you’re giving it to something else, it will be reflected in the quality of your poses and movements.

We want you to have a happy, positive experience when you engage in Pilates, and at Re:Gen Pilates, we strive to help every single patron to achieve that. Our goal is your own personal development and happiness.

Want to get started with Pilates? Take a look at our schedule and stop by, or even better, contact us today! We know you’ll have a great experience.