Attending your first Pilates class might feel a little scary, but there is no need to worry. We want to help you feel as comfortable as possible when you visit our Pilates studio in Prosper, so today’s post is all about what to expect and what to bring to your very first class. Once you walk in, you might be a little concerned depending on what you see. The good news is, each of our instructors is trained thoroughly and ready to explain whatever it is you might have questions about. Read on to learn more and check out our schedule!

What to Bring to Pilates

To be perfectly honest, you won’t need to bring much to the studio. We will provide any of the equipment you will need for your workout, so don’t stress too much. That being said, many people do prefer to work out on their own mats. Pilates mats tend to be a little thicker than a yoga mat, so if you intend to bring your own, call the studio ahead of time and see what the instructor recommends. Also, while you won’t be drinking a ton of water during the class, bringing a water bottle is a great idea to ensure that you are well hydrated both before the workout and afterward.

What to Wear

Keeping your workout attire simple will help you feel more at ease and comfortable. At the very least, it will help you figure out what type of clothing you prefer that will not limit your range of movement as you work out. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your Pilates attire:

  • Don’t wear shoes: Pilates is usually done barefoot, so you won’t need any special type of shoe. However, some studios do require special Pilates socks to provide more friction on the floor.
  • Tight clothing is better: You won’t want to wear baggy clothing, as it may get in the way of your movements or limit what your instructor is able to see as far as your form goes. Wear clothing that is stretchable but sits close to your body. If you want to be absolutely sure that your instructor can check your form, find clothing with seams and stitching that follow the centerline and sidelines of your body. Keep in mind that many classes will have you put your legs in the air at some point or invert your torso, meaning that loose clothing may either ride up or fall down and show more than you intended to your classmates.
  • Avoid tie tops and belts: Pilates does often require participants to be on their backs and any top that ties may cause unnecessary and uncomfortable pressure on the back. Also, belts and other loose items have a tendency to get caught in Pilates studio springs.
  • Check your adornments: Any attire with zippers, buckles, or metal trimmings may end up damaged the upholstery of the Pilates equipment. Go simple with your workout wear!
  • Remove accessories: Jewelry is distracting and irritating for everyone involved, and if you aren’t careful, it can also lead to an injury. Remove what you can before class time.
  • Put your hair up: This is a workout—and a tough one! Make sure your hair is out of your face so you can see clearly. This will also help you keep cool.
  • Scent-free: While you may think you are doing everyone a favor by putting on some perfume before class, this isn’t true. Many people are sensitive to these scents. Do your best to avoid wearing strong scents for the comfort of our class.

Pilates Etiquette

Being polite in your first class is just as important as it is anywhere else! Keep the following in mind.

Be on time. Coming in late to class can interrupt the students, and it means that your body will not have an adequate amount of time to warm up and work fully through the sequence. Also, arriving on time is respectful to both the instructor and the other students.

Call ahead if you will miss. No one likes a no-show! Even if something comes up last minute, it’s important for you to call and say that you won’t be able to make it in. Someone may be waiting to take your spot in that class.

Warm up if you can. If you have some extra time before class begins, feel free to warm up!

Wait for your class. If there is a class going on ahead of yours, be respectful of their time and their workout. This means keeping quiet if they can hear you when talking with other students and waiting to warm up until their class is over.

Let your instructor know about any injuries. If you have any concerns about your mobility, bring that up to your instructor. If you have new pains, strains, injuries, or whatever it may be, please communicate that with your instructor before class begins so they can plan accordingly.

Listen. Class time is not the time to chat with your friends. During class, feel free to ask questions related to Pilates, but keep in mind that talking over the instructor is extremely rude.

Be aware of your body. If you are experiencing intense pain during an exercise, don’t do it! If you need a modification, ask the instructor to give you something else to do.

Don’t Be Afraid!

There is no reason to be scared of your first Pilates class! When in doubt, just wear some comfy leggings, a stretchy top, and pull your hair back. We can handle the rest for you. Be sure to stay after your class to ask our instructors any questions you have about our facility, equipment, or other classes. We also offer yoga, barre, and spin classes as well! Re:Gen Pilates in Prosper is an open, welcoming place for you to get a great workout and make new friends. If you would like to learn more about our program or our schedule, please contact us today. We look forward to working with you